Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Dog with two noses

Unique-looking dog seeks new home2noses

Forget the old joke which starts 'my dog has got no nose...' - Duo the Staffordshire bull terrier has two.

Staff at Newcastle Dog and Cat Shelter are having problems finding a home for the three-year-old because of his unique appearance caused by a harelip.

The dog, named Duo by shelter staff, was handed in to them by police after apparently being lost or abandoned.

Staff at the shelter said vets had not seen a harelip to such an extent in a dog before.

Head of fundraising Michelle Pyle said: "We've had a few people come and see him and say he's a freak.

"Duo is not a freak, he's just unusual. Not many people can say they've got a dog like that."

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