Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Top Ten Dirtiest Names in Sports

RustykuntzThere are real names folks!

10. Gregor Fucka (Italian basketball player)
9. B.J. Johnson (wide receiver for Tampa Bay Buccaneers)
8. Pete LaCock (played baseball with Cubs and Royals)
7. Danny Shittu (football player in England)
6. Harry Colon (played football for Lions, Patriots and Jaguars)
5. Lucious Pusey (linebacker for Eastern Illinois Panthers)
4. Dick Pole (played baseball for the Red sox and Mariners)
3. Dean Windass (striker for Bradford City in England)
2. Misty Hyman (Gold medalist in 2000 Olympics for swimming)
1. Rusty Kuntz (played baseball for White sox, Twins and Tigers)

More details on these illustrious athletes

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