Sunday, July 1, 2007

Magic Grow Snake

For Christmas my grandkids gave me a Magic Grow Snake. You put it in water and it “grows and grows and grows”. It’s supposed to grow 600%. It was in a package about 14 inches long. and very thin. It grew to about 36 inches (squiggly) as in Day 3 Picture and 48 inches stretched out. It certainly got a lot fatter. Not sure if it grew 600%.

At start Day 1
Snake1 (Small) Snake2 (Small)

Day 2 Day 3
Snake4 (Small) Snake5 (Small)

Next up…. Grow Your Own Desperate Housewife
She’s just about 2 inches tall. I just put her in the tub.
I’ll report on her growth progress in a few days. I have high hopes for her.

Desparate2 (Small) Desparate1 (Small)

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